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Lobby Settings

Post by Admin on Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:18 pm

The lobby will be open at 8:30pm, we have a waiting period of 10mins so the lobby will start at 8:40pm GMT (UK Time)

Lobby Settings Part 1

Practice None

Short Qualiying

If Restarts are needed we will remake the lobby and use the grid editor to put people back in their quali positions

Race Distance 50%

Weather Dynamic

Session Start Time Official

Session Privacy will be friends only so it is easier for people to rejoin if they disconnect, this makes it so people can rejoin 0n their own and get back into their car without needing an invite.

Lobby Settings Part 2

Ai Difficulty 85%

Car Performance Realistic

Parc Ferme Off

Collisions On

Damage Full

Safety Car On

Rules & Flags On

Corner Cutting Regular

Formation lap Off

Race Starts Manual

Assists Allowed

Auto Brake will be forced off

Brake line corners only

ABS Allowed

Medium TC or off

Automatic Gearbox

Pit Assist off

Pit Release Assist off

Auto ERS


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