UNRL F1 Rules & Regulations

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UNRL F1 Rules & Regulations

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 07, 2015 9:04 pm

These Rules are here to ensure clean and equal racing for all drivers who are competing throughout the season.

Recording incidents and their importance

All incidents must be recorded as proof via xbox DVR and sent to me either on xbox or on facebook, this is essential as it will most likely determine how we handle the situation, to record and incident just press the xbox button on your controller or wheelbase and press X to record clip.

Restart function

.Restarts will now be limited to one to reduce time, we will only restart if 5 or more cars are involved in the incident.
If a restart is needed we will remake the lobby and use the grid editor to put people back in their quali positions.

.Furthermore on the restart all cars are expected to start on the compound that they qualified on (unless the quali session was in the wet and the start of the race is dry), failure to do so will result in them getting no points, as they have tried to gain an unfair advantage.


.It is not mandatory to have a headset but it is mandatory for all drivers to have a way of communicating whether it be on facebook or in the chat on xbox.
With that being said it does not mean you can spam messages during a race or constantly talk throughout a race, we all deserve the chance to do our best and some more than others require more silence so that they can deal with their thoughts.

.If you are caught talking excessively you will receive a warning, everyone gets two warnings before the admin team gives out appropriate penalties, they will range from extra time added onto your finish time, to a race ban if needed.

Wrecking another driver/drivers race

.Ruining another drivers race is not acceptable and will not be tolerated under any circumstances, if you are found to have purposely crashed another driver you will receive a race ban at the next race.

Attempting an overtake?

.The driver ahead always has the right of way, if you are attempting an overtake you need to make sure you are far enough alongside in order for the other driver to notice you if going for the move.

.If a crash does occur the car behind will be deemed at fault until further analysis can be done, honesty is the best policy gentlemans racing is the aim with that being said should you be the cause of the incident you will be expected to wait for the car/cars involved and resume behind them after they have reclaimed their position, failure to do so will result in you receiving a 5 second stop go in your next race.

.You will serve the 5 second stop go penalty in the first half of the race, once you get into the pits for your pitstop wait five seconds after your car has been dropped off the jacks, build up your revs release the clutch and leave the pitlane.


.Fast weaving and overly aggressive driving makes you a risk to others on track and will be treated as a an act of forceful driving, you will be given a warning for each time that you are caught weaving or driving dangerously, when you receive more than two warnings you will be given a 3 second penalty that will be added onto your finish time.

Corner Cutting in qualifying

.Corner cutting in quali will be monitored by me after each session in the race director if i see that you have a warning on your lap you will be given a quali ban for the next race, also at the end of quali do not proceed to the race start until i have given the all clear and am able to collect the results of the director.

.If you do get a warning because of a corner cut on your lap you are expected to back off and complete the rest of the lap slowly or pit, if you continue on at full pace and set a lap which is faster than your previous fastest lap then you will be given a quali ban at the next race.

Rejoining the Track

If you are off track please do not return to the track until it is safe for you and the other drivers, show a little patience and it will prevent you from losing even more time and causing an incident.

if you are found to have returned to the track dangerously you will receive a warning, if you are found to have returned and caused and unavoidable incident for another driver you will receive a 10 second penalty that will be added onto your finish time.

Retiring From The Race

.Retiring from the race can be dealt with one of two ways, either you retire because of a critical damage crash from a mistake which is natural, or you retire if you are outside the points and don’t feel the drive to continue, however please keep in mind that in racing anything is possible and it is always better to keep fighting rather than just give up.

.Crashing out on purpose will be tolerated as poor sportsmanship and will result in you getting a warning, if you are caught doing it more than once you will receive a 5 second stop go penalty.


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