F1 2016 Race Championship

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F1 2016 Race Championship

Post by Admin on Mon Sep 07, 2015 9:04 pm

Races will be Thursdays for F1 (Top Split)

Fridays for Formula 2

Time of the race will be 8:15pm BST (UK Time)

Race Calender

Formula 1 Sochi May 18th
Formula 1 Sochi May 19th

Formula 1 Spain May 25th
Formula 2 Spain May 26th

Formula 1 Monaco June 1st
Formula 2 Monaco June 2nd

Formula 1 Canada June 8th
Formula 2 Canada June 9th

Formula 1 Baku June 15th
Formula 2 Baku June 16th

Formula 1 Austria June 22nd
Formula 2 Austria June 23rd

Formula 1 Great Britain June 29th
Formula 2 Great Britain June 30th

Formula 1 Hungary July 6th
Formula 2 Hungary July 7th

Formula 1 Germany July 13th
Formula 2 Germany July 14th

Formula 1 Belgium July 20th
Formula 2 Belgium July 21st

Formula 1 Italy July 27th
Formula 2 Italy July 28th

Formula 1 Singapore August 3rd
Formula 2 Singapore August 4th

Formula 1 Japan August 10th
Formula 2 Japan August 11th

Formula 1 USA August 17th
Formula 2 USA August 18th

Formula 1 Mexico August 24th
Formula 2 Mexico August 25th

Formula 1 Abu Dhabi August 31st
Formula 2 Abu Dhabi September 1st

Formula 1 Brazil September 7th
Formula 2 Brazil September 8th

Lobby Settings

Short Qualifying
Race Distance 50%
Race Weather Dynamic
Race Time Official
Assists All Allowed, Auto Brake will be forced off (brake line will also be corner only)
Car Performance Realistic
No Formation Lap


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