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All about the U.N.R.L

Post by Admin on Wed Jan 22, 2014 7:24 am

Hello ! Welcome to Season 5 with the U.N.R.L. Upgrades for the setups are given out and are worked on by me (Man Lyk Ramer). This is to ensure that the racing is as close and equal as physically possible, several weeks have gone into the setup of each individual car to ensure the cars and racing is equal, despite the difference in manufacture and special traits of each car.

What makes us different is that we use Drag Tyre compound for the race as it wears at a much faster (more accurate) rate, simulating as close to real life conditions as possible. We're also using separate race tyre tunes for qualifying as they give more grip and ultimately will suit the characteristics of a car at full pace in a qualifying scenario (plus your always faster in qualifying than in a race so it helps simulate that characteristic as well).

Everyone will be required to pit at least once, as the drag tyres won't last a full race, they will wear out at a certain point during the race and fall out their operating window and you'll immediately drop 1-3 seconds off the pace. (It is recommended to check tyre wear on the mini car status; click in the Right Thumb Stick once to see wear of the tyres) no one will make it to the end of a race without pitting thus also bringing strategy to the races an putting everyone in the same situation (equal terms).

This season will be a 13 race season with a couple bonus races after the season's over.

The official Season 5 Track Calendar will be added below at a later date.

The cars that are being used this season are GT cars (GT3 & GT2), please ask for the league setups.

Here's the Car list for Season 5 (Updated) :

2005 BMW M3 GTR GT2

2007 Flying Lizard 911 GT3-RSR

2009 Audi R8 LMS (has -15% power handicap/2 builds : 1 for LeMans & Nordschleife, 1 for the rest of the events)

2009 Ford MK7 GT2 (has stage 1 power restrictiors off w/ a -15% power handicap)

2010 BMW M3 GT2 Art Car/Rahal Letterman (has stage 1 power restrictors off w/ a -15% power handicap)

2010 BMW Z4 GT3 (has a -15% power handicap b/c of power restrictors being off)

2010 Ferrari 430 GT2

2010 Jaguar RSR XKR GT2

2010 MT900S GT (has -15% power handicap/2 builds : 1 for LeMans & Nordschleife, 1 for the rest of the events)

2011 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 GT2 (has a -5% power handicap for LeMans only)

2011 Ferrari 458 GT2

2011 Lamborghini Gallardo GT2 (has the power restrictors off w/ a -10% power handicap and -5% rear grip handicap)

2011 McLaren MP4-12C GT3

2011 Porsche GT3 RSR

2013 Viper SRT GT2 (has stage 1 power restrictors off w/ a -10% power handicap and -5% rear grip handicap)

The series is team based. There's a single Drivers Championship and a Constructors Championship, the same as Formula 1, races are around 40mins - 1hr 10 minutes,  Endurance Races are about 1hr10mins and the Regular Races are around 40mins. Races are held on Saturdays at 7PM GMT UK (2PM EST). Compare timezones to your own to ensure the difference in time.  

As incidents do tend to happen, if anyone is unhappy with a start to a race or there is a mass wreck at the start of the race between lap 1-5 for a normal race, we will have 3 restarts available for a normal race and 2 for an endurance race. If there is any wrecks between lap 1-10 as they're longer and a need to start on time an be carried out with more efficiency.  

Rules and Regulations

These rules are here to ensure the fairest racing possible, anyone who goes against them will suffer the consequences of being relieved of their place in the league and banned from further races till otherwise notified.    

Lobby Rule

- Before you're invited to the session, make sure you have both the Qualifying & Racing tunes already saved. Once qualifying is over please load your seperate setup in the lobby, on the load tuning section on the left of your screen, as if you back out and join back in, you will lose your Qualifying position and will have to start from the back of the grid in whatever order you join back in.  

Clutch Rule

- Clutch has been restricted to not be used for races as it allows quicker gear changes than normal sequential gearboxes, thus giving a higher acceleration and a higher top speed. Running clutch allows Drivers to run a higher downforce and not be penalised down the straights. In result of running clutch for further races, any evidence found of a Driver using it will result in no points earned for the race they were found using it in. See You on the track ! (Also in the real world, sequential gearbox's are faster so we're simulating real life as close as possible).    

Assist Notice

- Just a quick notice for all participants, we're forcing off Stability Control, to allow these specific assist users to experience the car on a harder level as these setups were built with the purest vision of racing, seeing as stability does what its name intends it makes the cars easy to access. We're keeping the racing equal and fair to the max of our ability, however ABS will still be permitted. We'll see you on the track.    

Corner Cutting Rule

- We will have a person appointed the role of reviewing race incidents such as corner cutting, our rule is simple your first 2 corner cuts = 2 warnings, after that is a point loss for every time you cut a corner, after your warning has been given to you, you will be informed on whether you've stayed in the regulations after each race.  

Pit Lane Rule

- Pit lane limits must be realised and respected at all times. This means staying within the entry/exit pit lines until you've reached the start of pit road/end of the white guidelines, then you can resume racing on the normal line. Anyone who ignores or directly disobey this rule will have a standard procedure of a 2-point deduction. Respect the limits of racing and have fun.

Blue Flag Rule

- Blue flag is the flag shown when you're being lapped, meaning you must avoid getting in the way of the leader/leading cars.

One Lap Lead

- During a race, once a driver can lead a full lap, those driver's earn 1 point and counts towards the championships. However this does not mean every lap You lead, You will get a point. Once 1 lap lead, one point earned.

End of rules an regulations part 1.  

Rules an Regulations Part 2 :

- Upgrades are not allowed to be applied to the setups given out by Man Lyk Ramer, however you are allowed to fine tune your preferred vehicle (For example, Tyre Pressure, Suspension Height/Stiffness, Differential, Brake Pressure, and all the other things in the TUNE menu). That means you can't change the specific rims on the car either, this is because even the slightest change will affect the Lateral G of the car. These cars are very sensitive to this, thus no upgrades can be made as it'd either give the car an advantage or make it un-competitive.    

- All teams are to have no more than two members, furthermore both team mates in each team are also required to be in the same car.    

- You must have a race number visible on your car (front, back, & sides) which would make it easier for people to recognise/differentiate between drivers. Also really helpful to the race leaders to navigate lap traffic.    

- Teams are required to have their own unique livery and have to apply the same livery to both of the drivers car.    

- Teams are allowed to change the car from what they used at the start of the season, but both members must decide on what car they would like to use, everyone is allowed one car swap but it has to be a joined decision.

End of rules an Regulations Part 2.

Information on how to join the League

If you'd like to sign up/join or have anymore questions, message me on Xbox at my GT : Man Lyk Ramer. Send me a message even if I'm offline, I'll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also message the league admin at or join our race league page on Facebook, either type in the search bar 'United Nations Race League' or click the link right here.

Thanks for taking your time looking at the United Nations Race League,and we're looking forward to seeing you on the track ! Smile

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Re: All about the U.N.R.L

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